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33052 Calle Aviador Unit C
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

949 496-8437

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Spring / Summer 2019


Growing up is dressing up. Dressing up is growing up. Stand out from the crowd for Spring Summer 2019 with the Geoff Nicholson Collection 

1. A splash of orange and a simple dot will do ya  2. What says summer more than the color pink you ask? How about pink on a silk/linen tie or pink on a silk/cotton hanky? Yep 3. Green for spring is always a good thing (thank you Dr. Seuss). Silk/linen medallion + silk/cotton hanky = WINNER 4. Did you know a plaid tie takes at least 15 years off of how old you look?? It’s true (I think)!!! 5. Textured Bourette silk stripes will make you look cool, without even trying.


You can only be young once, but you can be Immature your entire life
— David Barry

Original Vintage / BRINGING the past to the present

Have you ever just stared in fascination at a really old picture of a place that you are either really familiar with, or it has some sort of historical significance? Where was the man with the brief case going? Who was that family of five crossing the street? .... CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE