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The Comfort Zone Dilemma

Geoff Nicholson

One of the many challenges for anyone in the fashion industry is the constant struggle to remain relevant to our customers. Just like every rock band has their day in the lime light, so to do all of us in any industry that deals directly with the public, which is basically all of us. The question is, how long do we have until our proverbial lime light starts to dim? When things seem nice and easy, and everything we do is right on point with our industry and customer base, BE CAREFUL, you are now entering the COMFORT ZONE DILEMMA. This is when we start to Jedi mind trick ourselves into believing that maybe we don't need to work as hard to create greatness and all we need to do is continue on with the same old thing, over and over again and our customers will still love us. This is where the DILEMMA begins. This false sense of comfort, is the exact opposite of what we really need to move forward. In fact, when you think about it, it is the feeling of DISCOMFORT that has led to far more greatness in the world than comfort ever has. For example, I think it's pretty safe to say that air conditioners and heaters were created out of DISCOMFORT, not comfort.

I mention all of this only as a simple reminder (especially to myself), that we are only as good as our last collection, sale etc... Our goal every season, or in life in general, should be to search for and embrace DISCOMFORT and to ALWAYS be wary of THE COMFORT ZONE DILEMMA.

The Next Big Thing

Geoff Nicholson


In all of fashion, we are always looking for the NEXT BIG THING. That "big thing" is usually something that was a big thing a few years back. So why is it a big thing if we have done it already?? Well usually it's reintroduced with a TWIST to make it more relevant to the present day. For Spring/Summer 2015 we are seeing the resurrection of PRINTED NECKWEAR.One of the big differences between these NEW prints and the prints our dad's wore, are the fabrics they are printed on.The heavier weight fabrics that we are printing on today, give the look and feel of our current day woven jacquard tie, minus the color limitations that woven fabrics have always had. The other TWIST, is these modern day prints don't need to be printed on the traditional SILK fabrics that we have grown so accustom to over the last few decades. In fact the ties become MORE interesting when printed on alternative fabrics like cotton, linen, wool and other mixed fabric blends. These new fabrics and their wonderfully rich textures, are redefining what a tie should look and feel like. So let's keep our minds open this SS15 to what could be THE NEXT BIG THING.   


Geoff Nicholson


We all know that when it comes to accessories, women have all the fun. For us guys, our claim to fame has always been our TIES. Without saying a word, our ties have done a lot of our talking for us. They have helped us express who we are and who we would like to be. 

Well, it looks like our SOCKS want in on some of this attention that our ties have been getting for quite some time now. There was a time when our socks were meant to just cover our feet or keep them warm. Not anymore!! The socks of today aren't just doing the walking, they're doing the talking as well. These bright fun colors are redefining the boundaries of what many men's fashion mavens have considered taboo. What's exciting about this new trend is that the boys finally have another cool accessory to show the world who they are.

So forget the old expression of "wearing your heart on your sleeve", and let's start wearing our hearts on our necks' and feet.

Bringing Balance

Geoff Nicholson

Sometimes you want a tie that is the centerpiece of your outfit, and other times you want a tie that brings harmony to your outfit. The Geoff Nicholson AW14 Collection was designed to achieve both. Rich textures and warm colors are the key ingredients to a stylish fall. 


Geoff Nicholson

It's been along time coming, but it is finally here!! What you ask?  GREEN. No, I'm not talking about your local medical marijuana clinic or weaving yourself a hemp basket. I'm talking about the color green!! I know, we've tried this one before, but this time it's coming for AW14 in a big way by using rich textures and alternative fabrics like silk and wool, silk and cotton, melange yarns and much more. Combinations, such as, Green/Navy, Green/Grey, Green/Taupe and even Green/Black, will add another sophisticated layer to your fall wardrobe arsenal.  

Getting Inspired

Geoff Nicholson

I think we all need something or somewhere that motivates and inspires us in our line of work. Luckily for me, my family is the SOMETHING and my wonderful trips to Italy is the SOMEWHERE. Inspiration is all around us everyday. We just have to choose to see it.

Pocket Squared

Geoff Nicholson

Not wearing a tie with that jacket?? Shame on you!! At least put a square into that lonely pocket.  If you're wearing a nice crisp COTTON or LINEN square, it's probably best if you back away from the POOFY look and try wearing it SQUARED OFF.  aahhh much better!!!

Narrow Minded

Geoff Nicholson

It's time to put on that narrow tie. Why you ask?? For versatility.  Wear it with your favorite suit or dress it down a bit with some denim or those cotton chinos. Either way, you're going to look good. Silk, wool, cotton or linen, it doesn't matter, it all works with a narrow tie. Make your outfit look like you want to dress up, not like you have to dress up. It's easy to spot the difference.